Our Principal

Francisco De La Cruz


Mr. De La Cruz is currently in his third year as the principal of East Fordham Academy for the Arts (EFAA). Before becoming principal, he worked as an assistant principal at EFAA for almost three years. Mr. De La Cruz grew up in the Bronx and is a product of the New York City Public Schools. He received his college degrees from Bronx Community, City College of New York, and Fordham University. Mr. De La Cruz encourages you to contact him with any questions or concerns about EFAA.

About Us

We are an arts focused middle school allowing our students to choose an art path to focus on during their middle school career. Our rigorous academics along with the intensive arts academy allows our students to succeed throughout all aspects of their middle school career. 

We offer the following art programs for our students: Visual Arts, Drama, Music and Dance

Each of the arts programs allows our students to perform throughout the year, participate in competitions, college exhibits and events throughout the community. 


Assistant Principal