Features this Month...

We are so excited for January!


Important Events this Month:

 January 10th: Fordham University School-wide Trip 


January 11: College Awareness Day

January 15th: No School

January 19th: 6th and 7th Grade Dance





September at EFAA

Our 8th Graders worked on team building activities and learned the importance of collaboration.


September 25th - Our Students attended the Bronx Education All-Star Day at Yankee Stadium. Students with perfect attendance were invited to celebrate the Yankee win with us!


September 29th - Our 6th Grade students worked on Team-Building Activities and collaboration at their Grade Bonding Day!



      Field Day 2017

Students enjoyed our Fifth Annual Field Day. Each team participated in a number of team building activities. Thank you to all participants for making this another event to remember!





Upcoming Events

Uniform Policy

1.    Uniform: All students are expected to wear their full uniform daily. EFAA Polo Shirt, Khaki pants or skirt.
2.     Birthdays: Students are permitted to have a dress down day on their birthday.  
3.     EFAA Color Days:  If it is color day, students may wear their color day shirt but with uniform pants only.   
4.     Gym/Dance Days: If it is a gym day, students may wear their EFAA sweatpants instead of khaki pants. However, a uniform shirt is still required. Black pants are not permitted. Also, leotards are not allowed outside of the dance room; leotards are to be worn underneath students’ uniform.   
5.     Sweaters: Students are permitted to wear the EFAA sweatshirts only.  
6.     EFAA Sports Apparel: Any EFAA sports apparel (track, basketball, soccer, etc.) will be acceptable on Fridays only. 


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